Issue: 73: The Rights of Workers - Then and Now


Working Notes – Issue 73 Editorial

The goal of economic development that responds to essential human needs, respects the rights of workers to decent pay and conditions, and is sustainable in both economic and environmental terms, is the underlying theme of three of the articles in this issue of Working Notes. In the opening article, Brendan Mac Partlin SJ explores the meaning... Read more »



The Meaning of Dublin’s Great Lockout 1913

Every person has a right to purposeful activity and a living income. The people of central Dublin were deprived of these rights when they were locked out of work with little or no income for four months in 1913. In remembering this tragic event I will try to situate it in a context of labour... Read more »

Poverty & Inequality  

Alternative Energy

What Next for Social Enterprise in Ireland?

Since the 1990s, the concept of ‘social enterprise’ has gained momentum throughout Europe as a mechanism of addressing unmet community needs,1 providing employment, and stimulating local economic activity. Social enterprises have their origins in the co-operative and self-help sectors, and often strive to ensure local communities have a degree of economic self-determination. Social enterprises are... Read more »


Restoring the Fabric of Irish Economic and Social Life – A Theological Reflection (Part Two)

Introduction In Part One of this article,1 I discussed some of the core features of the currently dominant economic model and the part they played in bringing about our prolonged economic crisis. In particular, I raised questions regarding the overarching role accorded to ‘the market’ and the increase in the size and reach of the... Read more »


Psychology and the Penal System

Introduction In this article, I intend to look back and draw contrasts between the current situation of Irish prisons and what prevailed when I joined the prison service, as one of the group of four psychologists, newly employed in 1980. Although the prison system in 1980 was under considerable strain and was preoccupied with the... Read more »

Penal Reform