Issue: 68: After the Housing Bubble


Working Notes – Issue 68 Editorial

The Housing Policy Statement, issued by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government in June 2011, declared that the ‘overall strategic objective’ of the Coalition Government’s housing policy would be ‘to enable all households access good quality housing appropriate to household circumstances and in their particular community of choice’. In reality, this is... Read more »


a refugee camp scene

The Refugee Convention Sixty Years On: Relevant or Redundant?

Sixty years ago the international community agreed a framework for the protection of refugees, when a diplomatic conference in Geneva adopted the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. Today, the protection of those compelled to leave their own state, and seek asylum in another, continues to present formidable challenges. The scale of those... Read more »

Housing Policy  

Priory Hall Resident

Buying a House – Is the Buyer Protected? Some Reflections from a Legal Perspective

Consumer law covers most of the products we buy today. We presume that what we buy is regulated by certain minimum standards. Furniture must meet some minimum health and safety requirements. Electrical goods must work, must not be a danger to the consumer, and must last a minimum period. Cars must meet mechanical, electrical, design... Read more »

Housing Policy  

Sleeping bags on Anne's lane, off grafton street. This photograph is part of an exhibition by Fran Veale entitled "No fixed abode" in City Hall which runs from Dec 11th - 21st. Admission is free. 11/12/2008 Photograph:©Fran Veale SINGLE USE ONLY IN CONNECTION WITH EXHIBITION, STRICTLY NO ARCHIVING. PLEASE CREDIT.

Still Homeless

It was to have been the year of hope for homeless people. By the beginning of 2011, we should have been entering a new phase in the provision of services for those who are, for whatever reason, out of home. This was to have been the case, because the end of 2010 had been set... Read more »

Poverty & Inequality  

Social Vulnerability in a Divided Housing System

Ireland’s economic crisis and the central problems in the housing system that played a large part in precipitating that crisis should make it clear that there is an urgent need for new ways of thinking about housing. The model that became dominant during the economic boom was one of market idolatry and the relentless commodification... Read more »

Poverty & Inequality