Issue: 64: What Direction for Recovery?


Working Notes – Issue 64 Editorial

Even as the global economy shows signs of recovery from the financial and economic shocks of the past two years, worrying questions remain. Just how robust is the recovery: is it possible we may yet face a ‘double dip’ recession? How long until economic growth translates into a fall in unemployment? How severe will be... Read more »


A New Economic Paradigm? In the Concrete

Towards a New Model A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not even worth glancing at ... (Oscar Wilde) It is good to remember that utopia is nothing but the reality of tomorrow and that today’s reality is yesterday’s utopia. (Le Corbusier) Politics left to managers and economics left to brokers... Read more »



Enough: Foundation for a Moral and Ecological Economics

Introduction How can we live in harmony with nature? How do we stop global warming, the associated climate change and the destruction of ecosystems? How can we eliminate poverty, provide security and create sufficiency for all the people of the earth? How do we restore an ethic of care for people and for the earth?... Read more »


Social Enterprise – An Untapped Resource

Across Europe, social enterprises are making a significant impact on communities, particularly those blighted by high levels of unemployment, poverty and disadvantage. According to the European Commission, there are 2 million social enterprises in the EU (representing 10 per cent of all European businesses) and they employ over 11 million people (the equivalent of 6... Read more »