Issue: 67: Questioning Drug Policy


Working Notes – Issue 67 Editorial

Two of the three articles in this issue of Working Notes deal with the distinct but not unrelated issues of drug policy and prison overcrowding; the third with the broader topic of the reform of public services generally. In the opening article, Fr Peter McVerry SJ calls for a radical appraisal of current approaches to... Read more »


Drug Policy: Need for Radical Change?

Drug Policy: Need for Radical Change?

What began as a heroin problem in inner-city Dublin in the 1980s has now spread like a cancer throughout Irish society. A wide variety of drugs, from cannabis to heroin to cocaine and on to crack cocaine, are now available in almost every town and village in Ireland. Crystal meth will probably be the next... Read more »

Poverty & Inequality  

the deparment of health

Public Participation: Involving Citizens in Designing Public Services

‘There is nothing so practical as a good theory’, the famous maxim of Kurt Lewin, has particular relevance for the reform of our public services. In that challenging task, there is need for a coherent theoretical perspective and clarity as to the fundamental goals we as a society wish to strive for in the coming... Read more »

Poverty & Inequality  

6.5.10 Dublin. Mountjoy Prison Cell. ©Photo by Derek Speirs

Overcrowding and Cell Capacity in Irish Prisons

Any discussion of prison conditions or overall prison policy in Ireland cannot but give close attention to the question of the overcrowding that is pervasive throughout the prison system.

Penal Reform