Housing Crisis Proposals 2022

Tenant State of Mind
How Cost Rental Public Housing can Reverse the State’s Transformation to a Tenant 

How are we to speak intelligently about the Irish State in relation to the provision of housing?

The State has many roles in this policy space: builder; regulator; landowner; and legislator.  Tenant State of Mind by Keith Adams and JCFJ team argues that now we must also understand the State as a tenant.

In this new role it has discovered an efficient means of transferring public wealth to private entities, and – in addition – can maintain a philosophical justification for its failure to develop a growing asset of publicly-owned homes.

Tenant State of Mind 2022


Cost Rental in Ireland
A Proposal Towards a Public Housing System

This position paper makes an ambitious proposal that the provision of cost rental housing should be doubled to form the basis of a public housing system. A fully-costed paper, Cost Rental in Ireland argues that local authorities should be fully resourced to provided an additional 18,000 cost rental homes over the lifetime of Housing for All. This is necessary to stem the flow of public wealth into private hands and develop a sustainable housing system into the future.

Cost Rental in Ireland

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