Issue: 46: The Prisons and the Gardai - A Case for Independent Review


Keeping The Scales of Justice Balanced

Two critical elements of the Criminal Justice System have been in the news recently. The First Annual Report of the Inspector of Prisons(i) was published and the Minister for Justice announced the "most radical reform of the Gardai" since 1924, and promised new legislation giving the Gardai more powers. 1. Inspecting the Prisons 1.1 The... Read more »

Penal Reform  

A European Exchange: People in Poverty – Partners in Europe

This meeting had taken place during a European Exchange gathering in Dublin in June 2003 that brought together people facing poverty, social exclusion and homelessness in Belgium, Scotland and Ireland, and people who support them. Organised by ATD Fourth World(i), together with a dozen other community and voluntary groups, the three-day event in June saw... Read more »

Poverty & Inequality  

The Residential Tenancies Bill 2003: A Tentative First Step

After many decades of neglect, the government is proposing a major reform of the law governing landlord-tenant relations in residential premises. The proposals are contained in the Residential Tenancies Bill 2003 (hereafter referred to as ‘the bill’)(i). As is well known in informed circles, but less so to the general public, the Irish tenant’s lack... Read more »

Housing Policy