Theological Ethics in a Neoliberal Age


“Kevin Hargaden has produced a timely, thoughtful, and provocative work of theological ethics. His critique of neoliberalism is highly original and persuasive. His analysis of the ways in which economic values are embedded in cultural practices is brilliant, allowing the reader to understand why neoliberalism persists, despite all of its woes. A deeply challenging but rewarding read.”
Linda Hogan, Professor of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin

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How are Christians to square the words of their saviour, Jesus, with their unquenchable desire for financial security? While the church has developed diverse responses to the problems of poverty, it is often silent on what seems almost as straightforward a biblical principle: that wealth, too, is a problem. By considering the particular context of the recent economic history of Ireland, this book explores how the parables of Jesus can be the key to unlocking what it might mean to follow Christ as wealthy people without diluting our dilemma or denying the tension.

Through an engagement with contemporary economic and political thought, aided by the work of Karl Barth and William T. Cavanaugh, this book represents a unique and innovative intervention to a discussion that applies to every Christian in the Western world.

Dr Kevin Hargaden is Director and Social Theologian of the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice. He completed a PhD. in Theological Ethics at the University of Aberdeen under the supervision of Brian Brock and Stanley Hauerwas.