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Young man with Sandy blonde hair

Humans of the NEIC – Lewis

Lewis Byrne was born and raised in Ballybough and is a Community Worker with Dublin Community Co-Op.


16 people from the community after schools Project Awards, recieving awards

Community education and the NEIC

The popular idea of formal education and raising educational outcomes as a way out of disadvantage is not true.8 It is more challenging for disadvantaged children to engage in education and achieve curriculum outcomes compared to their better off peers. The hidden curriculum with its unwritten rules and expectations of the dominant culture, makes it more difficult for children from disadvantaged communities to thrive in school. Schools provide an advantage to those already advantaged by their cultural capital and established security as beneficiaries of the status quo.


Smiling Amy with brown hair in a ponytail, light green glasses, and a darker green long sleeve top

Humans of the North-East Inner-City Amy

Amy Cooney is a ELI Parent plus worker, born and raised in NEIC


two Garda Cars parked outside the GPO Museum

Stretched to the Limit: Policing in Dublin’s North-East Inner- City

Children’s access to an illicit drug free
environment is not possible. There are knock on
effects for their life chances – restricted
education opportunities or a pathway to
serious crime. As the neglect of these areas
continues, the illegal drug industry could
become integral to the economy of the


Ian wearing in a grey nit sweater over a button down shirt. Smiling in front of the red door of his office on North Great George Street

Humans of the North-East Inner-City Ian

Ian Tracy is an Architect based on North Great George Street for 12 years. 


A map of Dublin from 1756.

This is the Air We Breathe: Sharing suburban place and story in the North-East Inner-City of Dublin.

Every time you go from one neighbourhood and enter another and see an inequality and say ‘that is the way it is’ you are calling that which is demonic, natural.


A smiling man in his all black priestly Indian Orthodox garb

Humans of the North-East Inner-City: Fr. Anish

Fr. Anish John is the Indian Orthodox Priest for the Parish worshipping at Cathal Burgha St. George Street’, a Migrant and a Father. 


sign hanging in a brick wall saying Dublin Christian Mission Welcome

The Changing Faith of Dublin’s North-East Inner-City: Building Bridges Across Communities with Dublin City Interfaith Forum

In 2006, in the North-East Inner-City of Dublin alone, the scale of the change in the religious landscape was staggering and evident to those paying attention.


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Humans of North-East Inner-City: Carmel

Carmel Cosgrove is a volunteer and founding member of East Wall Youth, Founding member of HOPE, Board member of Friends of Gateway and previous Lord Mayor of East Wall.