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A map of the North East Inner City with Interfaith forum, ACET, East Wall Youth, JCFJ, NCI, Dublin Co-op, and Belvedere Youth Club labeled


Martin Luther King famously said that “a riot is the language of the unheard.”1 The ordinary people of the North-East Inner-City were not involved in the riots; they are its victims. But their voices remain largely unheard. We hope that this issue of Working Notes helps raise the voices of the people of the North-East Inner- City and that the many brilliant initiatives they sustain become more famous than the tired stereotypes and caricatures that seem to dominate among our political leadership. My neighbours deserve that.


Image of Adrianne a women, with brown hair, wearing the ELI uniform pink shirt and blue jacket and smiling

Humans of the North-East Inner-City: Adrianne

Adrianne works in ELI and has been a Parent-child plus Home Visitor for 16 years. Born in the NEIC and raising her own family here.


Smiling Amy with brown hair in a ponytail, light green glasses, and a darker green long sleeve top

Humans of the North-East Inner-City Amy

Amy Cooney is a ELI Parent plus worker, born and raised in NEIC


two Garda Cars parked outside the GPO Museum

Stretched to the Limit: Policing in Dublin’s North-East Inner- City

Children’s access to an illicit drug free
environment is not possible. There are knock on
effects for their life chances – restricted
education opportunities or a pathway to
serious crime. As the neglect of these areas
continues, the illegal drug industry could
become integral to the economy of the


Ian wearing in a grey nit sweater over a button down shirt. Smiling in front of the red door of his office on North Great George Street

Humans of the North-East Inner-City Ian

Ian Tracy is an Architect based on North Great George Street for 12 years.