Enabling Death? Euthanasia from a disability perspective ~ Annual Theology Lecture 2024

An image of of two hands holding on a hospital bed and the annual lecture title

We were delighted to have welcomed Professor Brian Brock to speak at our annual lecture this year!

Moral Theologian Prof. Brian Brock to speak at our annual Theology Lecture. With, at times, evident emotion, he unpacked a profound theological argument about the intrinsic value of people with disability, drawing on inspiring biblical reflection and contemporary philosophy. Framed against the empirical examination of how euthanasia has been enacted -even in societies that seriously wrestled with “guardrails” – he reveals the naivety of current Irish proposals introducing assisted dying. Compassionate intentions aside, the laws can lead to pressuring those with disabilities and other vulnerabilities to end their lives prematurely. This is a moving and compelling lecture which illustrates the enduring relevance of theological ethics, even in a post-Christian age.