Debt and Trade: Time to Make Connections (2005)


Edited by The International Jesuit Network for Development

The Jubilee 2000 campaign drew attention to the crippling debt borne by the world's poorest countries. Yet, today, developing countries owe more than three times the amount they owed 25 years ago. This collection of papers, from a conference organised by the Jesuit Network for Development, takes a timely look at the many dimensions of debt and trade and their interconnections. Authors from Zambia, the Philippines, Columbia and Brazil give firsthand accounts of the impact of debt and unfair trade on their countries. For anyone with an interest in the creation of just and sustainable policies in these areas, Debt and Trade is essential reading.

You can read selected extracts of the book in pdf format here:


pdf Contents

pdf Foreword (Fernando Franco SJ)

pdf Chapter 1 - Running Up the Down Escalator (Julian Filochowski)

pdf Chapter 12 - Debt and Trade from a Development Perspective (Peter J Henriot SJ)

pdf Afterword (Eugene Quinn)

pdf Biographical Notes


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